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Top 5 Amazing Facts About You'r "PENIS" ! You Should Know -

↣Top 5 Amazing facts about your penis-

↣ Hey guys whatsupp !

↣ In this new post i will tell you about       top 5     amazing facts about you'r            penis that will  blow your mind ๐Ÿ˜Š

↣ We all have penis & to continue                 generation years of years , it is a               necessary part of oir life . but many         of us don't know about some weird          facts about penis .

↣ so , in this post i will tell you some            weird  but true facts about penis that      you should know .

↣ So, without wasting the time let's              begin  the article :-

You will be shocked after knowing this fact :-)

● 1 in every 5 - 6 million men is born with    2  penises-

● both can be fully functional
   but this rare :

● 1 in 30 million  men is born with no             penis, often undergoing  "GENDER    
   REASISGMEMT SURGERY" soon after  

This is a weird fact about penis , but this is true ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

●  "AMERICAN JONAH FALCON" HAS the arena biggest PENIS .

● MEASURING : 13.5 inches whilst

● He become stopped through the use of
   airpot officers who believed he was
   hidding a bomb down his pants .

● Jonah Falcon, an American actor and
   writer, has been reported as having the
   sector's biggest Penis with nine.Five
   inches (24.Thirteen cm) in period at the
  same time as flaccid and 13.Five inches  
  (34.29 cm) even as erect.

● Falcon has diagnosed himself as a  
   bisexual and works as a gaming blog  
  editor. He received media interest after  
  acting in a 1999 HBO documentary, a
  Rolling Stone magazine article, a
 documentary by way of the use of uk
 Channel four referred to as "the area's
 biggest Penis," and The every day show.

● In 2012, he modified into stopped and
   frisked with the aid of the TSA on the SF       Airport due to the massive bulge in his  
  pants. After passing via a steel detector
  and a body scanner, the sector's largest  
 dick changed into selected for added
 screening, then in the long run released.

Hey guys you will become shocked in this few sec. after knowing this fact -

if your addicted to smoking or you will smoking daily then your penis become small & small day by day .

yes,  this 100% right , this facts is creppy in sound but guys believe me this is a true facts .

Reason :- due to smoking the cells present in the bottom part of your penis is became weak & weak  after smoking the nicotine get mixed with the cells & thus the cells become dead if you continue smoking .

So, quit smoking ๐Ÿ˜‚ haha LoL
this is a joke -

It is possible for a penis to BREAK , if it is VIOLENTLY TWISTED while errect .
1/3 cases occurs during SEX, when a partner is on the TOP and the penis BENT after SLIPPING OUT.

This is a weird fact about penis but this is true. but it occurs rare .

 The huge-balled cheater

“Testicular studies of a extra sociological kind has deduced that guys with big testicles are in all likelihood to be more untrue, the speak being real of men with small testicles,” says Hickman.

Therefore, he advises, with tongue firmly planted in cheek: “A woman” — or guy, i'd add — “seeking a dependable prolonged-time period accomplice is probably advised to invest in an orchidometer,” a scientific tool designed for measuring balled cheater.

● There is a festival every year in                       Japan devoted to the penis and fertility.

The pageant of the metal Phallus is widely known every year on April 6, and began in the seventeenth century as prostitutes praying for protection from STDs. It's miles now an event for AIDS cognizance.

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